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Alien Pizza

LA’s go-to manny, Naveed Mardi, once again brings you on a fun-filled, out-of-this-world adventure with aliens, pets, and pizza. 

Mom keeps shutting down Gus’s plans for a new pet to bring to show-and-tell. She thinks letting him order pizza is enough of a treat. Gus finds a new pizza shop, where the delivery guy flies a UFO and accidentally delivers a space alien with their pizza. An alien pet would make the best show-and-tell—if Gus can catch it before it destroys his house!

Alien Pizza shows kids that even when one door closes, another opens … and an alien might sneak inside it.

Maple, the Syrup-Sneezing Tree
Maple, the Syrup-Sneezing Tree

Through reading Maple, the Syrup-Sneezing Tree, children will learn that they, too, can defend what matters most, even if the odds are stacked against them!


From the mind of a really goofy manny, Maple, the Syrup-Sneezing Tree is a fun-filled adventurous book that takes children on a journey of syrupy action.


With some maple-filled balloons, a syrup-shooting hose, and a sticky master plan, Adam and his new friend Maple team up to show that the maple trees in the forest provide so many more important things than cutting them all down and building a new resort in their place.


Standing up for what’s right, and for those who can’t defend themselves is one of the most important lessons a child can learn. This beautifully illustrated and clever picture puts this message at the forefront as children see that even though they are small and young, they can create change. Even when the odds aren’t in their favor.


There's nothing more important to Adam than pancakes with maple syrup from the trees in the nearby forest. So when construction workers threaten the forest, Adam teams up with Maple, a superhero-obsessed, syrup-sneezing tree, to defend the forest and his new friend.

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